Sunday, 12 March 2017

Percy has flown!!!!

Katie Budge has done it!

When Kelly and I took over BNBS last year, we needed to reinvigorate and reintroduce what Murielle and myself had always believed was a innovative concept; not crowd funding per se, but using it as a tool for readers to decide which books get published.

We needed a book to relaunch, for want of a better word, the BNBS brand and it had to be successful. It had to be successful for the sake of the company to show BNBS was still a publishing company with enormous potential and it had to be successful for the sake of the author who had signed with us to confirm their belief that we could help them realise their dream.

It's quite a heady responsibility, having someones' dreams in the palm of your hand. But that said, we actually didn't help Katie achieve her did. Every single person who donated for a reward or simply supported out of kindness or belief in what Katie was trying to do, you made her dream a reality. BNBS just kind of smooth out the edges, pay a few licensing conversation fees and then send it from here to there and from there to Amazon and bookshops.

Katie's campaign still has a few weeks to go and remains open for donations, but once it is complete then Katie Budge's first published book 'Percy the Pigeon' will be available to purchase and for children and adults alike to enjoy. It is a truly lovely and gentle tale about sharing and why it is important. Interestingly (and this makes Katie's success all the more poignant) , this isn't her first time around with BNBS. Approximately two years Katie had a book with BNBS that failed to hit its target, but instead of taking what is a disappointing blow and letting it destroy her dream, she not  only persevered but returned to us for her next book. For that Kelly and I are forever grateful.

Katie has proven that BNBS still works as a crowd funding mechanism which has led to a large number of manuscripts being submitted to us which our talented and diligent manuscript advisors in the forms of Julie Timlin, Noelle Holten and Lisa Eddom are working their way through.

So, what next? Well, we have Rob Enright's revenge thriller 'One by One' being proof read and copy edited for before being returned to Rob so he can tidy up a few things and we can develop a lovely, new cover, blurb and all that jazz (I loved this book!). This will be our next book aiming to secure a publishing deal which shall be closely followed by Charlotte Teece's 'Toxic City' which is truly one of the best books I have ever read. This young lady is an amazing talent which will be evident when you read it.

We then have more spread out throughout the year along with some really exciting news (which once again I can't share as I haven't quite signed on the dotted line yet, but once I do you shall be the first to know!) and of course we have the book on Charlie Kray by Steve Wraith due towards the end of the year not to mention Stephen Sayers next crime thriller and possibly a few inspirational true life books that I will have the privilege of ghost writing. One of these, if secured, will be a groundbreaking and motivating tale told by one very strong, young lady. And there's a few other bits and pieces going on that keep us occupied (I mean, come on, nursing doesn't keep Kelly and I that busy anyway!!!)

Stay safe, keep reading and writing and know that BNBS wouldn't exist with you.

D, K and the team